1. Admirals Head To Close July 20th

    By webmaster on July 9th, 2012

    Little Bealings Parish Council has received a letter from the proprietors of the Admirals Head informing them that the pub is no longer financially viable and that, as a result, they intend to close with effect from lunchtime on Friday 20 July.  The …

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  2. Minutes of Meetings

    By Webmaster on July 8th, 2012

    Minutes of 14th and 28th May posted on Parish Council pages

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  3. Agenda for PC Meeting on 2nd July

    By Webmaster on June 22nd, 2012


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  4. Bealings Jubilee Japes 2012 - June 4th

    By Webmaster on June 22nd, 2012

    Residents celebrate Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee. And great fun was had by all. >>>> The morning dawned bright and sunny…. Actually it rained and rained and rained. By 11am however things had brightened a little, tents were erected, …

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  5. Notes of Parish Council meeting 28th May

    By Jenny Shaw on June 4th, 2012

    The Parish Council resolved to continue to object to the applicant’s preferred route, the Council’s priority being to protect the parish from the impact of the cabling. Click here to read notes of the meeting which link to the applicant's …

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  6. Next Parish Council Meeting 28th May 2012

    By Webmaster on May 21st, 2012

    Report on the Route of the East Anglian Wind Farm Cable

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  7. Annual Parish Council Meeting 14th May 2012

    By Webmaster on May 6th, 2012

    read more for agenda see also protocols

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  8. Parish Council Meeting 30th April 2012

    By Webmaster on April 30th, 2012

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  9. Proposed Cabling Route for the East Anglia Offshore Wind Farm through Little Bealings

    By Webmaster on March 25th, 2012

    The Parish Council is currently objecting very strongly to the route because it has concerns about the impact on the countryside and the disruption to the local community. The proposed route of the onshore cable through Great and Little Bealings is …

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  10. Visit to Kesgrave Quarry

    on November 29th, 2011

    Following a planning application by Cemex, reference No: C97/1501, to extend their operating hours at Kesgrave Quarry, many local residents objected. The application was also rejected by SCDC and Suffolk County Council. Prior to the rejection, …

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