Walking Through History, a 320 page illustrated history of Bealings published in 2021

There are hundreds of images. The sequencing of the book is based on five walking Trails , three in Great Bealings, two in Little Bealings, with a glimpse of some hidden gardens in the middle.

Many people have contributed to the book, from Great and Little Bealings and way beyond. The author is deeply indebted to them all for support of all kinds, financial, anecdotal, historical contributions, photographs, interviews and broadly based encouragement. The result is a book which will be a history that both villages can be proud of, and which, among similar histories, will be distinctive.

Playford resident, Sarah Royle, graphic designer, must take much of the credit for the distinctiveness, which hopefully extends its appeal to Playford too - our neighbouring village has several honourable mentions, as a village further up the Fynn Valley.

Over 500 copies of the book have been sold, but it is still available.

Norman Porter

Email: nhp@rillcott.co.uk or phone: 01473 735565