East Anglia One Offshore Windfarm

The National Infrastructure Directorate (NID) has accepted the planning application (or Development Consent Order) submitted by EAOW.  The development includes a cable route through Gt and Lt Bealings and a construction depot at Playford.

There wil be a period of public consultation starting on 25 January and lasting until 6 March 2013 (40 days).   There will be notification in local papers on 18 January and documents will be made available in local libraries.  All the documents can be accessed at:


The Parish Council continues to object very strongly to the route because it has concerns about the impact on the countryside and the disruption to the local community.  The Council is of the view that the cable should be routed to the north where it would not pass through any community.  [Alternative options are shown on Figure 1 Chapter 2 Page 5 of the linked report - the council prefers Alternative Onshore Cable Route A.]

The proposed route of the onshore cable through Great and Little Bealings, as revised in September 2012 is shown here, on Sheet 6:


The proposed construction depot at Playford is also shown on this plan, and may impact on traffic in Lt Bealings.


By Webmaster on December 29th, 2012

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