John Belstead Sports Court

This all weather multi-sports court, located at Bealings Village Hall playingfield, is available for Tennis, Netball, Basket Ball and 5-aside Football during daylight hours. Owned and managed by the Trustees at Bealings Village Hall Trust, the court and playingfield is inspected annually for compliance with ROSPA guidelines whilst regular daily inspections are carried out by volunteers.

Use of the court is charged by the hour. The cost of maintaining the court and the field is subsidised by both Bealings Parish Councils.

Subscriptions cover the cost of annual insurance premiums whilst hire charges go towards the cost of maintaining the playingfield as a whole.

Sports Court Bookings - or Tel: Admin on 07925181390

Buy an Annual Subscription to John Belstead Sports Court and receive discounted hire charges at 1/3rd standard rate. Why not purchase an "early-bird" annual subscription (runs 1st April for 12 months) at half the standard price and save even more. Application Forms available On-line or via the administrator.

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